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My name is Steve Pierce.  I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil, and a professional artist since graduating high school.  I first worked in web design, marketing agencies, as a clothing designer, and then as a freelance artist since 2011.  As a freelancer, I began with illustrated merchandise designs, album art and logos for bands, and then began working in the Entertainment and Gaming Industries in 2012.  The heart of what I love and aim for is character-driven storytelling, pushing visuals to an over-the-top, but not absurd level.

I run a  Patreon to begin sharing the knowledge I've accumulated, and to help others.

I am a father and husband, and have way too many cats.  I love reading, music, and hockey.

Pictured below, a visit to the Detroit Institute of Art, diving into one of the biggest pieces in the museum with my two daughters.

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